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Allison Grunwald has worked with bones, both human and animal, since 2002. She received a BA from the University of Delaware (2005) as a dual major in Anthropology and Foreign Languages and Literature: Greco-Roman Studies (Latin Language), a MA from the University of Southampton, UK (2006) in Osteoarchaeology, and a PhD in Anthropology from the University of Wyoming (2016). Her MA research dealt with the analysis of commingled human and animal remains from the Iron Age in southern England, and her doctoral research comprised experimental zooarchaeology and bone fragmentation analysis, and the analysis of a 10,000 year old Bison antiquus archaeological bone bed resulting from a mass kill by Paleoindians. She brings to the Arch Street Project her experience and interest in working with commingled osteological remains, bone modification, and paleopathology.



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