Historic Maps of Philadelphia

This site provides a range of historic maps dating from the 1680’s – 1995

This is a searchable GIS map of Philadelphia.

History of the First Baptist Church of Philadelphia

This is the full text of the 1887 book written by Rev. David Spencer.  It includes the history of the First Baptist Church of Philadelphia and mentions the doings of a number of its notable ministers and congregants.

From the Baptist History Homepage.

From "Short history of the yellow fever, that broke out in the city of Philadelphia, in July 1797: with a list of the dead; of the donations for the relief of the poor, and a variety of other interesting particulars."

This is a list of the graves relocated from the Arch Street cemetery to Mt. Moriah.


This is a group of professional archaeologists dedicated to presevering and promoting the archaeology of Philadelphia.  Events and resources can be found on this page.

This is the largest professional association for archaeologists.

This is the largest scholarly group concerned with the archaeology of the modern world (A.D. 1400-present).

The Register of Professional Archaeologists is a listing of archaeologists who have agreed to abide by an explicit code of conduct and standards of research performance.  Archaeologists on the register will have the letters "RPA" after their name.

Archaeological Resources

This is a good introduction by the Society for American Archaeology.

CRM archaeology is the assessment of site to determine whether federally funded projects are likely to damage or destroy archaeological sites that may be eligible for the National Register of Historic Places.  For many archaeologists, CRM is the main source of employment.  Check out the CRM Archaeology Podcast to hear discussions about this type of archaeology and the issues its practitioners face.

This pages gives an overview of how anthropologist analyze bone and build a biological profile of the individual.

This page talks about how archaeologists and anthropologists use teeth to learn more about a skeleton.

Legal Resources

Click on your state to see what laws exist governing burial places and cemeteries.

This page from the PA Historical and Museum Commission provides links to state and federal laws.

This federal act is the legislation that preserves historical and archaeological sites in the USA. The act created the National Register of Historic Places, the list of National Historic Landmarks, and the State Historic Preservation Offices.  Section 106 is the part of the act that requires the assessment of sites prior to federally funded projects.  Individual states have their own state historic preservation laws meant to fulfill the same purpose for state-funded projects.  Some states have regulations that apply to privately owned land and some do not.  More information on the HPA can be found here.