"New" Burials

A rusty coffin handle showing two hearts lying on their sides and facing each other.

On June 29th, the same day that the Arch St Team was moving coffins from storage containers to their new facility in NJ, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported that "new" bones were being uncovered at 218 Arch St.  The team was shocked and dismayed because is appears that bones had been appearing for some time and no one was alerted.  Thanks to the reporting of the Inquirer, the developer agreed to hire an archaeological firm to conduct a full and proper excavation of the remaining burials.  The archaeologists would then ferry each day's product up to the Arch St Project's NJ facility for further processing and analysis.  These "new" burials are 15 feet below where the Arch St Team finished back in March.  These burials are the oldest and the artifacts attest to that.  This image is of a coffin handle, very different from the more decorative handles found back in March.  It appears to be of a similar style to handles dating to the late 1700's.  Such coffin hardware was found in an African American burial ground in New York City and also on Quaker coffins in London.  What other surprises will we find in this new round of Arch St remains?